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We offer services nationwide throughout Spain and also internationally.
SANTOS PROPIEDAD INDUSTRIAL SL is a company that offers its services nationally, in Spain and also internationally. If a client is thinking about creating or registering their own brand, we can advise them on this matter.
Brands not only identify companies' goods and services, but also they add value and allow them to become known in the market. To have the exclusive right of a trademark, it must be registered before the corresponding office.
Trademarks are any sign capable of graphic representation used to distinguish in the market goods and services of one company from those of other companies.
Trademarks add value to the brand image. The exclusive right to use a trademark is granted with the registration before the corresponding Office.
Priority in the use of a trademark without prior registration does not grant ownership of the trademark, unless exceptionally said unregistered trademark becomes well-known throughout the national territory.
Many people believe that having the company name registered in the Commercial Registry or the domain name, they automatically have the right to protection as a trademark, and this is not it.

At a national level, we protect the brands of our national and international customers in Spain and / or in any other country where our customers need. From that moment, our customer may develop his activity with all the rights granted by having his own registered trademark.

How many years is a registered trademark valid?

The answer is 10 years from when it was requested. After this time it will have to be renewed and it can be done indefinitely, always for periods of identical duration.
This 10-year period must be kept in mind as the trademark will expire if it is not renewed and it could be registered by a third party.

How long does it take to complete a national trademark registration?

In Spain, the trademark registration process takes approximately between 6 and 8 months.
At SANTOS PROPIEDAD INDUSTRIAL SL we advise all our clients who want to register a trademark nationwide at all stages of the process. Once registered, the ® symbol can be used to show that the trademark is already registered.



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