Collaborators and ASSOCIATES

As Industrial Property Agents we collaborate with law firms in Spain, the EU and other countries to offer them our support and advice as a complement to the services they offer to their clients, in matters of Industrial and Intellectual Property, so that their clients have a additional service through the same office.
Advertising and marketing companies
During the development of naming, the creative process through which a name is chosen for a brand, we offer our search and study services for already registered brands so that they are taken into account when choosing a name and not infringe already registered rights. Our trademark and design registration services are complementary to the brand design creation and corporate identity creation services that these companies offer, thus providing additional and differential value for their clients. We must not forget that the brand of a business is how the company will be perceived, it will appear in all communication actions, it will differentiate the company from the competition and it will be identified with the quality of the products/services. Hence the importance that once a brand has been designed by professionals in the sector, it must be registered and protected.
International associates

We are Industrial Property Agents in Spain, so we can represent both national and international clients before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. 

We are also authorized representatives before EUIPO and representatives before WIPO and EPO.

We have associates all over the world and we can be your associates if you need Industrial and Intellectual Property services in Spain or EU.



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