IP Management

An Industrial Property Agent is a professional specialized in obtaining Intellectual Property Rights and its defense before the IP Offices. The role played by the Industrial Property Agent is vital for companies when protecting their rights. We advise our customers in each of the stages of registering trademarks, patents and designs.

1st Stage: Previous searches

The first step before applying for a registration is to search for registered previous rights. It is necessary to evaluate which identical or similar denominations/inventions are already applied or registered. The searches are conducted both at a national level and at an international ones, with the aim of avoiding conflicts of rights with owners of previous rights.

2nd Stage: Proceeding

The application date is the beginning of this second stage. A file number is obtained and gives rise to an expectation of right. It is at this stage when a refusal or opposition may be issued, and ends with the granting and sending of the Certificate of Registration.

3rd Stage: Maintenance

We comply with the periodic payments that must be done and the renewals of the rights acquired with the registration.

4th Stage: Watching service and permanent consultancy

With the entry into force of the Spanish Trademarks law 17/2001, the analysis of previous registered rights done by the Spainsh Office disappeared. This is why our watching service is very important for our customers. If the owner of a registered trademark does not file an opposition against a new application, the Spanish Office will grant it.
We also offer to our customers annual audits so that at all times they know the status of their registered rights portfolio.



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