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Our Customers


We offer a global management of their portfolio of brands at an  international level, unifying the management with the same representative, despite having registrations throughout the world.

Small and medium-size companies

We manage trademarks, designs and patents in an efficient way and with a personalized service according to the needs of each company and project.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

We inform and advise on the protection of intangibles assest from the beginning of the activity of our customers taking into account the circumstances of each project, its Business Plan and the country in which it is located.

We study and advices from the beginning which rights should be registered. We offer global information of all the rights that may be registered depending on the strategy to be followed at an international level and in which market the customer is going to be present.

We collaborate with numerous projects in support of entrepreneurs and start-ups and we help them find funding for their projects:


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